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Viagra tablets come in three standard dosages of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Which dosage you should use to treat your condition relies upon your general wellbeing and how well the medication functions for you.

Who can take 50 mg tablets?

50mg is the most widely recognized dose for Viagra. Your specialist may prescribe it on the off chance that you are taking Viagra out of the blue. Most men find that this measurement is adequate to treat their erectile brokenness and enhance their sexual experience.

Who should utilize 100mg tablets?

100mg is the most astounding suggested measurement of Viagra. You mustn’t take more than 100mg every day. Viagra 100mg tablets are appropriate for men who find that they don’t get an erection sufficiently hard for infiltration when taking the 50mg tablet. You should attempt the 50mg measurement first and final increment your admission to 100mg on the off chance that you discover the impact lacking. You should address your specialist before changing your dose.

Who are 25mg tablets for?

Viagra 25mg tablets contain the most minimal accessible dose. You might be endorsed the 25mg tablets on the off chance that you are taking sure sorts of medicine. For instance, medications to control HIV or alpha-blockers for the treatment of hypertension. Taking alpha-blockers and Viagra in the meantime expands the danger of symptoms, for example, low pulse levels and wooziness, which is the reason the lower measurements might be more appropriate.

Does the measurement I require rely upon my weight?

Notwithstanding your weight, your specialist will in all probability recommend Viagra 50mg tablets first.

Does the measurement I require rely upon my age?

Which measurement you require relies upon your wellbeing and how powerful medication is for you instead of your age. Specific age-related conditions may affect the measurements you have to take yet there is no broad counsel on which dose to take at particular ages.

Would I be able to expand the measurement in the event that it doesn’t work?

On the off chance that you find that the measurement you are on is excessively feeble, ask your recommending specialist whether you can build it. On the off chance that you don’t have any medical conditions and aren’t taking some other drugs, it is likely that you can expand your measurement from 50mg to 100mg. Be that as it may, you ought to ask your specialist first. On the off chance that you trust that the dose you are on is excessively solid you can diminish it, making it impossible to see whether a lower measurement is adequate for you.

How frequently would I be able to take Viagra?

You mustn’t take Viagra more than once every day. On the off chance that you engage in sexual relations more than twice every week you may find that an alternate solution, Cialis day by day, suits your requirements superior to Viagra. Cialis day by day can be taken each day. It contains a low dose of the dynamic fixing tadalafil and encourages you to get an erection.

What happens on the off chance that I take excessively?

Likewise, with most pharmaceuticals, it is vital that you take precisely the dosage you have been recommended. Taking excessively Viagra expands your danger of reactions. It could make you experience the ill effects of low circulatory strain and swoon. It likewise builds your danger of a condition called priapism, which can make changeless harm your penis. On the off chance that you trust that you have inadvertently taken excessively Viagra, you should visit your nearby crisis office promptly.

Would I be able to join Viagra with other erectile brokenness drugs?

You can’t take more than one erectile brokenness medicate at any one time. Taking more than one solution for ED won’t expand the impacts and will put you in danger of genuine reactions. On the off chance that you find that Viagra does not work for you, you may need to attempt an alternate erectile brokenness pharmaceutical or an alternate type of treatment, for example, penile infusions or a penis pump. It has been demonstrated that guiding can enable men who to experience the ill effects of ED caused by a mental issue. Ceasing smoking and following a sound way of life will likewise enable you to enhance your sexual capacity.

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