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@gothikthing I believe you! Jim Carrey is so funny in this scene every time I watch it it makes me laugh. What a funny guy!

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what is funny why

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this massacre reminds me of the final scene in the 1983 movie scrface

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If it we are talking about a standard freestyle frisbee disc then yes it could be done. However with disc golf discs the aerodynamics of the discs are designed to create their flight pattern and over/understable traits. The dimples would change those aerodynamics thus causing an unkown change in their flight pattern.

I am sure R&D and design could be done but I see no reason to. I do not know of any holes that are thousands of feet where the extra distance would be necessary.

Lol the Playboy girls

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looks cool but way to long to do. Not that id have anything better to do with my spare time but ill pass. Ill buy a rug and use rope for rope. I rather have spare rope over a rug any day.

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Hes so sweet _


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How come it is possible to someone dislike this guy playing guitar?

Por que a placa com Deus? O que Deus tem a ver com isso? O mrito da batalha do doente e o mrito da melhora cura da forca de vontade e perseveranca do mesmo aliada ao avanco da ciencia e do esforco dos mdicos.


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