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Do Her Orgasm Enhancing Cream

Do Her Orgasm Enhancing Cream


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Do Her Orgasm Enhancing Cream

  • INTENSIFIED ORGASMS One tiny dab of this magical gel is all it takes to bring you to ecstasy–and then some!
  • EASY AND SAFE Natural extracts combine to make the little man row the boat–all the way to shore!
  • Helps in eliminating vaginal dryness.
  • NO LIMITS Works with your partner’s tongue, hands and privates! Works with your hands, toys, fruits, vegetables, or whatever else you are so inclined to use!
  • THE REAL THING Years of research and testing went into creating this amazing sexual enhancer, so rest assured when you put your “finger on the button”, you’ll very quickly realize you made the right decision by ordering Do Her
  • 30 grams net


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