Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant


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Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant Are you trying to conceive a baby / want to get pregnant? Pre-seed sperm fertility friendly lubricant helps women who are trying to conceive to get pregnant. This lubricant gel is 100% non-spermicidal which is the key factor it is most preferred by most of the couples when they are in the making of a baby. It is also compatible with polyurethane and latex condoms.

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant How does Preseed help to conceive a baby

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant Sperm should swim swiftly and reach the egg in order to conceive a baby. A women’s possibility of conceiving gets maximized during their ovulation period. This is made possible by the secretion of certain fluids. These fluids act as the lubricant helping sperm to reach the egg through the cervix. Pre-seed lubricant mimics this fluid is 100% sperm-friendly and acts as a supplement to aid the sperm to swim smoothly and reach the egg.

Who can use?

Women who have vaginal dryness
Couples who are trying to conceive.
Women who expect more comfort during intercourse
Breastfeeding women
Women who have undergone cancer treatment
Women who feel an acure pelvic pain during intercourse
Women suffering from vulvodynia

Is it a safe lubricant?

Yes, it is very safe to use lubricant. The constituents of the lubricant are prepared to match the vaginal fertile fluids. It is isotonic and pH balanced, which is exactly the same property of vaginal fluids. The pH, ion concentration and consistency everything matches perfectly with vaginal mucus.

How to use pre-seed fertility lubricant?

This can be used in two ways. One is intra-vaginal wherein the applicator has to be used to take out the desired amount of lube and apply it internally in the vagina. Alternately, it can be used externally as well. It can be applied over female genitalia externally. It is advised to apply 1 hour before intercourse.

1. Twist the applicator after attaching it to the tube.

2. Squeeze it in order to get the desired amount of the gel in the applicator.

3. The applicator should be kept upright.

4. The applicator should be inserted deep into the vagina.

5. Slowly push the plunger of the applicator by holding the barrel to release the lubricant into the vagina.

How often and how much should be used? Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

Can be used everytime you have intercourse to avoid discomfort and bring in the natural feeling of lubrication. Start with 1 gram and top up the quantity as per your needs.

When is the best time to use in order to conceive a baby?

It can be used anytime during intercourse. But, since the egg will be mature and the probability of sperm reaching the egg will be higher,The best time to use this is during the ovulation period of a female.

Advantages Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

It gives a natural feeling
It doesn’t cause any irritation.

Success rate Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

There is a very high success rate. So far the success rate is more than 85%.

Recent research by NCB, NLM, NIH, US Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, United States conducted a research on the impact of various fertility friendly lubricants over the function of sperms. They concluded Pre-seed® to be the best lubricant to have very less effect on the negative end on functioning of sperm citing the higher sperm motility and vitality.


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