Coke Life Water Soluble Lubricant

Coke Life Water Soluble Lubricant


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Coke Life Water Soluble Lubricant

COKEL IFE, specially designed for women, to protect the delicate privates, specially added vitamin E and water-soluble lubricant, to protect the skin, accelerate the damaged skin rehabilitation, make the skin moisturized and healthy at the same time, reduce melanin

[Usage]applied to the genitals before sex , rinse with water after used

[DOS]Pls don’t process oral sex after you use it.(Or you can use it after your oral sex is finished.)

[Component]Pure Water,Glycerol,Propanediol,7.5%Benzocaine


2.Pls store it in a place of 5-25°C, dryness, shady, away from children and avoiding direct sunlight.

3. Pls use up ASAP after opening the cover.

4. The product exclude Spermicide, so it has no contraceptive effect.



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