Dooz 14000 Delay Spray For Men

Dooz 14000 Delay Spray For Men


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There could be nothing more shameful and embarrassing than ejaculating prematurely.

Premature ejaculation is a disease that affects majority of males primarily because of unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet. DOOZ 14000 is a spray that delays ejaculation by several minutes thereby not only giving you fullest sexual satisfaction but even elevating your partner to unprecedented heights of ecstasy. For a man nothing could be more fulfilling than a hearty and sensational session of sex.
A single dose of this spray would enable you to last ten times longer than usual. Vitamin E present in this spray energizes the cells of corpora cavernosa and helps in giving longer erections. Lidocaine, the principal ingredient of this delay spray, reduces sensitivity of your manhood and makes your love making sessions ten times longer.


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